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May 17, 2006

Archived SKI Update
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SKI Update 9 A.M PST To ALL Subscribers Death Run Notice

Since it usually takes 5-6 hours to write a complete Update, that is not possible during the weekday morning. There is a lot of information contained herein and you will probably not be able to intellectually or emotionally process all of it accurately.

We now have a historic topping pattern IF the gold stocks (USERX) close down today (as they appear likely to do) at 1 Down, 2 Up, and 5 or more down averaging more than 2% a day. Today will be day 5 down. I therefore had to wait to inform all subscribers until there was something definitive. Historically, this is THE pattern that I wait for for years if not decades. A down close today in USERX will set the pattern in motion. A DOWN CLOSE TODAY IS REQUIRED FOR EVERYTHING BELOW TO BE ACTIVATED. I HAVE WASTED MY TIME IF PRICES (USERX) CLOSES UP TODAY. I am writing to try and get this information to you as soon as possible.

The term "bull market" has different meanings to different people. SKI and Jeff's use of the term is reserved for 92-96 index buy signals on the Path. When I will now say that "the bull has ended", I do not mean that we cannot or will not get another SKI bull later (time unspecified). I believe that we will, but the decline that will follow over the next few months or longer will be quite devastating and could extend for one to two years. The current bull is 10 months old and is in the process of temporarily dying so as to give eventual birth to a new bull from lower prices. As you probably know, SKI and Jeff do not invest based upon desires or wishes or fundamentals. A great decline lies ahead. Apparently the current parabolic rise has ended in a long-term sense.

This run pattern has never given a false reading, but the N is only 3 for 3 and has marked all the major tops in history (since 1974). IT IS HERE TODAY! (And you will now hate me and SKI, but I am just the messenger).


My wife actually cried when she read this. I/We expected that the bull would continue for 2 more months before this happened. Some readers will want to start selling immediately, BUT you can sit through the decline and wait for SKI to sell via a 92-96 index sell.

Don't shoot the unhappy messenger, Incredulous Jeff

(even more incredulous that I wrote about this extremely rare possibility this past weekend and it actually appears to be occurring; unreal).

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SKI Bull Ends at 84% Profit

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     Mar 23 06

  » Death Run
     May 17 06

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     Sept 07 06

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     Sept 08 06

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     Sept 09 06

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