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May 26th, 2002

Archived SKI Update
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Since the last Update on 5/21/02, USERX has risen each of the last three days, rising 6 cents to 5.97 on Wednesday, 45 cents! to 6.42 on Thursday, and 1 cent to 6.43 on Friday. I sold on Wednesday as I was traveling to a remote location and I only obtained the results today. USERX simply exploded without warning on Thursday as it continues to lead the world’s mutual funds. When I sold on Wednesday while on the road, I truly thought that I should hold long into the 3-day full-moon weekend that in now upon us. But I had no way of selling on Thursday or Friday. That was a very expensive vacation (smile) due to lost profits, but the 4 inches of snow on Wednesday and the gorgeous weather and sights were almost as good as the lost profits.

I grossed 15% in 5 days as USERX experienced the greatest run up in history. The run is now at 2 down and 7 up, rising an average of almost 3.5% per day. Such runs have ALWAYS marked major highs EXCEPT during the greatest bull markets in history (e.g.., during the late 1970s). THIS RUN PATTERN, ACCOMPANIED BY A 3-DAY WEEKEND, A FULL MOON, AND A 1106 INDEX SIGNAL EXECUTED ON FRIDAY’S CLOSE, HAS ALWAYS MARKED MAJOR HIGHS. Therefore, after USERX experiences its first down day, that should be a major high.

Gold ended its run of 7 straight days up with a down close on Friday. The run pattern and analysis on gold itself is completely consistent with the above conclusions on the gold stocks. Such a gold run is consistent with an intermediate or long-term high, but any close over that high will be indicative of a continuing rise and will also be consistent with a great bull market.

The above run patterns are powerful indicators. I usually recommend selling on the first down day in USERX and then re-entering should we ever experience a higher closing price than the price on the end of the run up. I have issued several incorrect warnings of a possible high ever since the 12/14/01 92-96 index bull market buy signal. These included 21 and 70 days from the last 35-39 index buy signal, as well as several 1 down and 2 up run patterns. Each historical topping pattern has been surpassed with ease. The current pattern is an even more powerful indicator of a high, and if it too is surpassed, that with be even more bullish. Either way, extraordinary patterns of human financial behavior are in the offing.

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While the mechanical SKI signal was a winner, Jeff was able to call the top with perfection in this trade!

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