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May 20th, 2001

Archived SKI Update
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I go away for three trading days and you folks drive the gold stocks up as predicted! Just joking. A perfect prediction so far, as my net worth has increased 19% in 16 trading days. Remember, you're supposed to wait and wait and then put every dollar in on a very high probability buy signal with a short stop. To look back, to give you discipline and confidence, the system was primarily bearish for 2 years and then goes big bullish for a month. Always be patient as my system will catch the majority of most moves, and be right 80% of the calls. It'll sell and go short some time this week, the top will be some time this week, 98% probability, highest likelihood remains on Friday, as predicted 16 trading days ago. The 218-222 index gives a signal for tomorrow, Monday. 50% prob that signal hits a high on the day ( tomorrow ), 50% within a few days. if it goes up beyond next Friday, it'll crash. Next Friday also is exactly 443 days from the Fall 1998 top in gold stocks. Hoping for a down day tomorrow, Monday, and then a final spike up into Friday. Once in history has gone past Friday, but then really crashed. Don't be fooled, this is a bear rally.

Likely to decline to a good 16-20 buy signal over two weeks, then rise back to around this next Friday's highs, and then a multi-year decline to the all-time and final bottom. Hope you haven't sold before I said and hope you don't hold too long. It takes years to believe in the system I've discovered.

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May 21 01
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